The Illest Female Emcee You’ve Never Heard… Yet.

Like many strong, independent women in music that have preceded her, Realistikk dislikes meaningless, demeaning lyrics and prefers listening to music with substance.

​She enjoys the art of poetry when it is powerful and well-written. Rap music is sometimes watered-down to make it marketable, Realistikk writes songs that are powerful, meaningful yet also enjoyable and entertaining as well.

Realistikk grew up in southern New Jersey in an area where the hip-hop culture was not easily accessible, so she went out of her way to New York to see shows as often as she could. She was avid consumer of hip-hop for years, but after seeing the emcees freestyling and performing live on stage, she decided that this is what she wanted to do as a career.

Realistikk started writing and recording songs on a 4-Track. She sent some of her recorded verses to a friend on the West Coast, which were used on the project “4 Months of Winter” from Acheeka Tribe on his first solo album. The impact of the album had the underground wanting to hear more music from Realistikk.

Because of the buzz created by positive online CD reviews, interviews, message board posts, and opening slots for a who’s who in the underground hip-hop industry, “Secular Stress” sold over 1,000 copies independently by word-of-mouth and sent shockwaves in true West Coast style from the Bay Area across the U.S. and abroad as far as Germany and Iraq.